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How To Motivate Your Fitness Class

How To Motivate Your Fitness Class

Most people would agree that it is much easier to stick with a fitness routine when you’re part of a fitness class. But energy levels and motivation can still dip, so if you're a fitness coach, it’s essential that you learn how to motivate your fitness class. Make the experience more positive and engaging for members of your class by employing these strategies.

Be Enthusiastic and Energize the Class

While completing complicated exercises in a fitness class, it can be hard to stay motivated. But if remain enthusiastic throughout the workout session, members of the class will feed off that enthusiasm and be energized. Remaining optimistic and encouraging even when your class is flagging will help them make it through the exercises and achieve their goals.

Turn Up the Music

An upbeat workout playlist can do wonders for the motivation of a fitness class. Choose music that will inspire the members of your fitness class and try to match the type of music to the intended energy of the class. For example, you might choose calm, relaxing music for your yoga class but pop or rock music with a beat for your boxing class.

Encourage Members of Your Class

Simple words and phrases of encouragement can go a long way in motivating your fitness class. If you notice that one of your class’s members is struggling, encourage them with specific, motivational words or feedback. Take the time to recognize the accomplishments of individual members—showing them that you see how hard they are working both in and outside of class will encourage them to keep working hard to achieve their goals.

Change Up the Routine

If the routine in your class is exactly the same each time, some members may become bored and unmotivated. To keep spirits up and members interested, change up the routine of your class every so often. Who knows—you may even draw new members into your class with the new material!

Knowing how to motivate your fitness class effectively is one of the key parts of a fitness coach’s role. With these strategies, you’ll be able to encourage members of your fitness classes to keep going and give it their all, even when they think they can’t take one more step or do one more rep. You can further motivate your fitness class and allow them to see their progress by buying a large digital wall clock for your gym from BigTimeClocks. Perform your job well and set members of your class up for success every day that they come to your gym!