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Time Management Techniques To Increase Employee Productivity

Time Management Techniques To Increase Employee Productivity

Proper time management is essential to a productive workday. If you are a manager, you have probably realized the importance of teaching your employees how to manage their time. Here are some time management techniques to increase employee productivity in your workplace.

Make a Schedule

If your employees don’t know what tasks they are supposed to do or when they are meant to do them, it will be far more difficult for them to budget their time wisely. This is why it’s so important to have a schedule. Try making an overarching calendar for all your employees that includes meetings and tasks that they need to complete in a given week or month. Allow your employees to manage their daily, individual schedules, and give them the tools they need to organize these schedules well.

Practice Prioritization

To help employees maintain their schedules, teach them how to practice prioritizing their tasks. Have employees determine which tasks are the most and least important and set clear deadlines for tasks, so they know when work is due and can deliver tasks on time. Employees should complete the most important and urgent tasks first and should schedule other tasks for later or, if necessary, delegate them to another employee who has more time to complete them.

Do Hard Work When Most Productive

Dips and spikes in energy level and productivity are common for all employees. These differ based on the individual; one employee might be extremely productive in the morning, while others might find it easier to work in the afternoon. Encourage employees to be aware of the times at which they are most productive. Have them schedule their more intensive or difficult tasks for these times and schedule easier ones for slower moments in the day.

Track Time Spent on Tasks

To help your employees make the most of their time, teach them to pay attention to how much time a given task takes them. This will help them learn how to schedule their time for each type of task in the future and will give them perspective on which tasks they are spending the most and least time on during their workday. To facilitate an awareness of time, try placing wall clocks around your office that employees can reference while working.

Trying one or more of these time management techniques to increase employee productivity in your workplace will help your employees and your workplace become more successful as a whole.

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