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Timing Solutions To Improve Production Line Efficiency

Timing Solutions To Improve Production Line Efficiency

Whether you’re a worker or manager in the production industry, one of the most important elements to consider is production line efficiency. Improving efficiency helps production facilities to quickly make more products. With the implementation of a few timing solutions to improve production line efficiency, your production facility will quickly become more successful overall.

What is Production Line Efficiency?

Production efficiency is an economic term used to describe the state when a production facility is making the highest quantity of a given product that it can without decreasing the production level of another product. When a production facility has reached its maximum level of production efficiency, it means that the facility is putting out the highest possible amounts of its product. Time, money, materials, and processes are also all being used as efficiently as possible. Production efficiency can be both measured and increased. Some tips for increasing production line efficiency are explained below.

Evaluate Your Current Setup and Identify Goals

The first step to increasing production line efficiency is to evaluate the current production process that your facility has in place. What are the steps in its current production line? Is each step performed as efficiently as possible? What do your facility’s employee-related policies and programs look like? Once you have a firm grasp on your facility’s current setup, look for ways in which it can be improved to increase productivity. Set tangible goals that your facility can realistically reach and take clear steps towards achieving those goals.

Improve the Production Process

To improve production line efficiency, one main area to focus on is the quality of the production process itself. This includes consideration of the individual steps of the larger process and the technology, materials, and organizational tactics used.

Evaluate Current Production Line

To improve your production process, you must first evaluate its individual parts. Walk through the entire production process step by step, considering the efficiency of each individual step. Take note of any problem areas, like steps that take far longer than they should, and focus on improving efficiency in these specific areas.

Take Care of Machinery

When seeking to improve production line efficiency, take some time to physically walk through the production line at your facility. Examine each machine that’s used in the production process. If any of your machinery is broken or in need of preventative maintenance, address the issue as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary delays in the production process. Preventative maintenance is important because it prolongs the lives of your machines, and it is far easier and less expensive to repair a machine than to replace it entirely. It’s helpful to keep records of each machine’s maintenance history so that you’ll know when machines are due for that maintenance.

Replace Outdated Technology

Technology is constantly advancing, and it’s important for facilities to keep up to date with the latest advances in the production industry. If you still have your employees doing tasks by hand that would be much more efficient if automated, begin to integrate machines that will streamline the production process. If your facility’s machinery is old and inefficient, invest in newer machinery that will get the same tasks done more quickly.

Use Materials Efficiently

Being wasteful in material use is both bad for your business and for the environment. To use materials more efficiently, find ways to eliminate or reuse waste. This could mean redesigning a product to use less material, altering a process so that it creates less waste, or recycling waste that you can’t eliminate or reuse.

Stay Organized

To increase efficiency, it’s important to keep your facility organized. Create an organizational system for both the facility’s information and physical materials. Doing so will help you manage inventory, track the productivity of your facility over time, and help employees quickly locate materials.

Use Time Efficiently

In addition to keeping your physical workplace organized, it’s important for time to be kept organized. Create schedules for your production process, specifying how much time should be used on each step to keep the entire process as efficient as possible. To help employees stay on schedule, it’s helpful to have large digital wall clocks placed throughout the warehouse. By following a set schedule and referencing the time throughout each task, employees will be able to work efficiently throughout the day.

Invest in Employees

Another important element to consider when implementing timing solutions to improve production line efficiency is your employees. Even in facilities that are mainly automated, employees play an integral role in improving production efficiency. Here a few employee related areas that ought to be examined.


A well-trained employee is far more productive than an under-trained one. For this reason, facilities should invest time and money in optimizing employee training programs. Training should consist of initial training sessions to show new employees the ropes, and periodic refreshers for all employees to remind them of anything they may have forgotten. When employees are taught exactly what is expected of them, they will have better performance and the production process will run more smoothly overall.


Encourage teamwork among employees, even employees of different seniority and experience levels. When a collaborative community is fostered among employees, every employee will have the chance to share his or her voice and ideas. Every employee is unique, and the best ideas can come from the most unexpected places. Perhaps one of your employees will even share an idea that can help increase the efficiency of your facility.


Every employee is a unique individual and should be valued not only for what they can offer the company, but for who they are. When employees feel valued as human beings, not simply as workers, they will be far more motivated to do good, efficient work. Create an environment within your company that fosters both hard work and relationships and be sure to provide genuine care for your employees both during and beyond the workday.

Production line efficiency is especially important to the production industry, so examine your facility’s production process regularly and identify ways to improve. Some improvements are as simple as adding a clock to the wall of your warehouse to help employees track the passing of time. If you’re looking for a large digital clock for the warehouse or any other part of your facility, check out our selection here at BigTimeClocks. Our clocks will become an integral part of your efficient production process.

Timing Solutions To Improve Production Line Efficiency